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Magdalene Cherry

Actor, Writer, Director

Matrediction de la pute.jpg

Magdalene Cherry is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She graduated from California Institute of the Arts for BFA Acting in May of 2023. Recent

CalArts credits include: The Death of Walt Disney (Walt Disney), Men on Boats (Dunn), Roberto Zucco (The Sister), Acts of Afra (Diocletian), and The Great Gatsby (Myrtle Wilson).


In addition to acting, Magdalene Taylor is a writer and director who dreams of telling stories and showing the world the freshest truth of existence- raw, real, bold- on stage and on screen. While attending CalArts, Magdalene wrote and directed two plays which were accepted into the CalArts Coffeehouse Projects: Apocalypse at the Rainforest Cafe (2022), Brain Matter Radio (2023). 


Apocalypse at the Rainforest Cafe had its second run at the Hollywood Fringe festival and was nominated for the No Room in the Green Room Award in 2022. 


Magdalene was born and raised in good ol' Dallas, Texas where she honed her craft and dreamed of eating her slice the big ol' industry pie of which its current crusting threshold will never hold her back from reaching her persistence's potential- oozing cherry filling. 

When Magdalene is not learning lines, directing a play, or working on her next film, you can probably find her at the beach, on her skateboard, or writing poetry mountainside. If you would like to reach out for a collaboration opportunity with Magdalene Cherry, click connect above!

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